Judy Russell adds to her resume – and we benefit!

Attorney, journalist, teacher, Certified Genealogist and Certified Genealogical Lecturer, Board for Certification of Genealogists Trustee, published author and blogger – there are few areas in genealogy in which Judy Russell hasn’t excelled. Now, however, a gaping hole in her illustrious resume has been filled .  ;-)  She will headline the banquet at the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies 36th Annual Conference in Seattle in August 2016.

Russell_photoThe IAJGS 2016 conference co-chairs have announced that Judy Russell has not only agreed to speak at the August 11th (Thursday) evening banquet, but also will make two additional presentations during the conference.

Nearly everything we do in genealogy is tied to records – and most records are tied to the laws and regulations that required collection of information.  So, a background in law is a great advantage for a genealogist. Those of us without that background can benefit from those with skills to impart their knowledge. I have heard Judy speak at national conferences several times. She is always well-prepared, knowledgeable and engaging – an excellent teacher. She has a knack for taking otherwise complex legal issues and making them relevant and understandable for genealogical researchers. This is information we need.

But, you need not wait until August 2016 to familiarize yourself with Judy’s work. She posts daily on her blog, The Legal Genealogist. Most days she speaks to the law, ethics and her personal research. Sundays’ posts are reserved for her other area of expertise: genetic genealogy research. The Legal Genealogist is required reading for anyone who wishes to improve their skills and knowledge in our craft.

Judy is one of the few genealogy international rock stars. But don’t take my word for it. Go to John D. Reid’s blog for the results of this year’s voting: Judy was a medalist is three categories: International, USA and Genetic Genealogy.

This is a real coup getting Judy for our conference.

Here is the news, as release by the IAJGS conference co-chairs:

“Legal Genealogist” Judy Russell to deliver banquet speech at the 2016 IAJGS Conference in Seattle

Seattle, Washington

The International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies has chosen acclaimed Legal Genealogist Judy Russell as the banquet speaker at its 36th Annual Conference to be held from August 7 to 12, 2016 in Seattle, Washington.

Holder of credentials as a Certified Genealogist and Certified Genealogical Lecturer, Russell has enthralled audiences nationwide with her fascinating blend of legal and genealogical expertise.  “I’m a genealogist with a law degree,” says Russell, “and I try to help folks understand the often arcane legal concepts and terminology that are so very important to those of us studying family history.  Without understanding the context in which events took place and records were created, we miss so much of both the significance and the flavor of what happened.”

Russell’s talk will be the highlight of the 2016 conference banquet, which will be held on August 11, at 7 PM, the final night of the six-day conference.  She will also make two additional presentations in the course of the conference, which will take place at the beautiful and convenient Sheraton Hotel in downtown Seattle. Russell, who traces her own American roots back to 1680 Virginia, holds a BA in journalism from George Washington University in Washington, DC, and a law degree from the Rutgers School of Law, Newark.

Another highlight of the 2016 conference will be the opening night keynote address by Dr. Devin Naar, chair of the UW Sephardic Studies Program and an assistant professor in the UW Department of History.  Lead conference co-chair Janette Silverman said she and her fellow chairs are “thrilled to have two nationally acclaimed speakers on the Seattle program.”

Proposals for papers are currently being accepting through the official conference website www.iajgs2016.org. The deadline for submission is midnight, December 15, 2015. For information about proposals and submissions, contact the Program Committee at program@iajgs2016.org.

Early registration will open in January 2016 through the conference website.

For more information about the conference, contact the conference co-chairs Janette Silverman, Phyllis Grossman, and Chuck Weinstein through the conference website www.iajgs2016.org.