IAJGS2016: Be There!

For a while, I was struggling to have her pose for me. Recently however, she asks me to take pictures of her. This is one of those. I had my camera and she requested that I take a picture of her. She made faces like this and asked me to show it to her right after. I won't complain when it's that easy ;)Be the first in your JGS to be able to say, “IAJGS 2016! I’m going to be there!” Early online registration for the Seattle (August 7-12, 2016) conference is now open through April 30, 2016.

If one registers online before May 1, 2016, one may save $30 over the regular registration and $55 over on-site (during conference) registration.

If one opts to purchase access to LIVE! &/or Audio & Slides of the presentations when one initially registers, additional discounts will apply. For information on LIVE! and Audio & Slides click on the “LIVE! and Recordings” tab.

Those who register for the full conference (including student registrants) will receive the conference tote bag, a Daily Planner booklet and a memory stick (USB flash drive) with the conference syllabus and all speaker handouts submitted. Registrants may attend lectures, the Resource Center, the Film Festival, the Exhibit Hall and evening programs (except the banquet, which will require a separately purchased ticket).

The Programming Committee is neck deep in reviewing over 400 proposals. Scheduling conference extras, such as breakfasts and SIG luncheons is not yet complete. One may register early and then return to Registration under theĀ  Attendee Service Center to select and pay for those events when they have been scheduled.

Before registering, become familiar with the available options:

Register online at https://s4.goeshow.com/iajgs/annual/2016/registration.cfm

A link for registering at the conference hotel, the Sheraton Seattle, is available when one registers for the conference.

NOTE: If you have submitted speaker proposals, do not register for the conference yet. Preliminary notices of acceptances will be sent out February 15, 2016, with final confirmations (and registration information) by March 10.