IAJGS 2016 Speaker Profile: Gayle Kirschenbaum

KirschenbaumGayle2Gayle Kirschenbaum  is an Emmy award-winning filmmaker and TV producer. She is the producer/director of the documentary My Nose, a funny and insightful film based on her experience with her mother, who urged her daughter, from the time she was 15, to get a nose job. The film documents this mother-daughter adventure that, ultimately, is the story of their mother-daughter relationship.

Gayle has developed a seminar, “”The Seven Healing Tools” for dealing with difficult people, which builds on the lessons learned from the story behind My Nose.

See Gayle’s website Kirschenbaum Productions, LLC: www.lookatusnowmother.com

“Understanding Our Families, Understanding Ourselves, & Tools for Healing” (Weds-103), 4:30-5:45 P.M.

For more than 40 years, mental health workers have used “family systems theory” to analyze family dynamics through multiple generations. Unfortunately, most genealogists don’t know much about family therapy. Yet, genealogy and family therapy go hand in hand.

In this talk Ron will introduce basic concepts of family systems theory. He will also show how families can be represented diagrammatically using ‘genograms.’

Gayle Kirschembaum, who has created documentary films about dysfunctional mother/daughter relationships, will discuss “7 Healing Tools” on how to forgive and transform difficult relationships the process of healing.

As Gayle notes, “When you don’t forgive and you are filled with anger and resentment. It affects every aspect of one’s life from one’s relationships to their health.”

See: www.lookatusnowmother.com

[presented with Ron Arons]