Bedtime stories: Sleepless in Seattle

coffee-pixabayFamily history stories – we all have them! Some of us have managed to collect or develop stories tied to our research that cry to be shared. And this year the conference has added a new evening option for both Tuesday and Wednesday nights: Sleepless in Seattle. Our story-tellers will offer short (25-minute) stories about their families: stories that surprise, inspire, confirm and, sometimes, astound.

Attend some – attend all.

What follows are the list of offerings. For more information about particular speakers and talks, search in the conference program for speaker surnames.

Tuesday evening

8:00 P.M. – Mike Karsen: My Cousin, the Gangster”

8:30 P.M. – Tony Kahane: The Schifferes siblings from Vienna, and the fate of two of them in the Holocaust

9:00 P.M. – Ronald Graner: From Rags to Riches To Rags

9:30 P.M. – Barbara Sontz:The Koshlands of San Francisco – An American-Jewish Success Story

10:00 P.M. – Bena Shklyanoy: Apple Does not Fall from the Tree

Wednesday evening

8:00 P.M. – Jeffrey Gorney: Remembered Voices: Story-Driven Genealogy as a Vital Path to Discovering Your Jewish Roots

8:30 P.M. – Toney Kahane: Death in Brno: Samuel Schiller and the Brno Psychiatric Hospital, 1898-1901

9:00 P.M. – Ken Bravo: The Journey of One Photograph: 15,000 Miles in 90 Years

9:30 P.M. – Robinn Magid: Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief: The Jews of the West

10:00 P.M. – Leora Tec: Reading ‘Dry Tears’: A Daughter’s Discovery of a Mother’s Lost Childhood

10:30-11:30 P.M. Andrea Massion and Jane Rollins are hosts for the Open Mic Event: A “Two Genealogists Sat in A Bar” Production. This is a reprise of a popular event offered last at the Salt Lake City IAJGS Conference in 2014. Those in attendance will have an opportunity to share for 3 minutes before being given the hook. This is an opportunity to hook your audience!