IAJGS 2016 Speaker profile: Ekkehard Hübschmann

Dr. Ekkehard Hübschmann has been conducting research on Jewish history in South Germany for more than two decades. Among his main occupations are emigration, deportation, restitution and compensation, family history and archival research.

His book The Kristallnacht and the persecution of Jews in Bayreuth was published in 2000, followed by many articles.

He lectured in Germany, Indianapolis and at all IAJGS conferences since 2012.

Since 2007, he has been a self-employed genealogist, family historian, genealogical tour guide, and transcriber and translator of handwritten German documents.

Visit his website at http://gepete.de/

Buried Treasures: Hardly Known Files of Genealogical Significance in German Archives – 19th Century” (Weds-128), 3:00 – 4:15 P.M.

German archives have real treasures for genealogists interested in the life of their ancestors. Whereas Jewish Registers starting around 1810 give information about the head of the family, the Jewish Cadasters even mention wife and children.

Most interesting are the proceedings to get permission for taking up residence. They were connected with the marriage intention files containing many information of both families or even marriage contracts.

Real property records teach how ancestors lived, when an estate was inherited or bought, if the house was owned by one, two or even four Jewish families.

Colored maps of the 19th century––published on the internet––show  houses and where fields and meadows where situated.

Files for obtaining emigration permits may be several pages.

Each type of file will be introduced by Bavarian examples supported by images.

Topics: Ashkenazic research, Repositories