Seattle 2016 Discussion List

The conference organizers invite all attendees to join the Discussion List where you may ask questions or carry on discussions related to the conference. It will also be used to announce information about the conference and provides you with a way to link up with potential roommates.

Important Information

General Guidelines for Discussion List Use

  • Use the list only for conference-related discussions.
  • The discussion list archive is public. It can be viewed by anyone who can access the Internet. Do not post any information you do not want people to be able to find.
  • Messages cannot be deleted from the archive, nor can they be edited. Please edit your message before you send it.
  • This list is moderated, which means that messages are screened by a moderator to block spam and other inappropriate messages.
  • Respond to the list only if you want your response seen by all.
  • When replying, include only enough of the message to which you are responding so that your response has context. If your email program automatically attaches more than this, delete the unneeded portions. This includes not only additional messages on the digest but also unneeded footer information that the original poster may have included.
  • Observe good netiquette. Be courteous to others on the list. Don’t use all capital letters as it is considered shouting.
  • Do not use inappropriate language or deliberately spur arguments.
  • Do not post advertisements of any kind. This includes advertising individual lectures, book signings, or other events taking place at the conference. These items are in the schedule.
  • Check the discussion list archive to avoid repetition of conversations that have already occurred.

You may sign up for the Discussion List in either Digest Mode or Non-Digest Mode.

Non-Digest Mode

  • Non-Digest Mode emails each message individually as it is posted.
  • This is easier for most people to use as some email programs cannot handle digest mode well.
  • Emails begin with “[IAJGS2016]” in the subject line.
  • When replying to a message, it will automatically go to the person who posted the message. To keep the conversation on the discussion list, be sure to change the message to deliver to

Digest Mode

  • Digest Mode combines all of the day’s messages into a single email.
  • You must take extra care when replying to messages while using digest mode.
  • Be sure to change the subject appropriately when replying.
  • The default “Reply To” email is the discussion list. Change it to the individual poster if your reply is directed to a single person.
  • Never quote back the entire digest when replying.
  • Emails will contain “IAJGS2016Discussion Digest, Vol X, Issue X” in the subject line.
  • If digest mode doesn’t work for you, or you do not understand some of these instructions, please use Non-Digest Mode.

Roommate Matching

  • If you are interesting in locating a roommate for the conference, share this on the discussion list.
  • Be sure to include your dates of arrival and departure and any other pertinent information that you would like a potential roommate to know.
  • If you spot a posting for a roommate that interests you, respond to them personally. Do not continue the conversation on the discussion list.