LIVE! and Recordings

Post-Conference Update

If you couldn’t attend the conference, you missed a lot of interesting, useful and entertaining sessions. More than 40 of them were broadcast in live, real-time streaming as they occurred, and all of those will be available for three months as on-demand downloads to your computer.

IAJGS 2016 LIVE! costs just $179. If you weren’t registered for the Conference, you may sign up for LIVE! soon by going to the New Registration page here:

Please give us a few days to get ready for new registrations.

If you registered for the Conference and would like to add LIVE! to your account, click the REGISTRATION menu above,  drag down to ATTENDEE SERVICE CENTER, and log in with your e-mail address and Conference password.

To see the daily schedule, click the PROGRAM menu above and drag down to CONFERENCE SCHEDULE, or go directly to

The available sessions are identified by the word LIVE! at the beginning of their titles.

End of update

IAJGS is offering two ways to “attend” the conference without actually being there. And even for those who attend, you can listen and watch again, or see the sessions you missed.

Fleetwood Onsite will be providing audio and slide recordings of most sessions.

IAJGS LIVE! will be broadcasting about 60 of the sessions LIVE! during the conference, and those recordings will be available to watch for an additional three months.

Read more about these opportunities to get more out of the IAJGS Conference on their respective pages.