Post-Conference Update

Fleetwood Onsite recorded audio versions of many Conference sessions and, when the presenter approved, recorded a video version of the slides, in sync with audio.  You may order a full set of recorded audio/slides sessions on a flash drive or computer disks, mailed directly to you, to be played on your computer at home.

Full price for all recorded sessions is $265. To order, go to the company’s site at

To see the daily schedule, click the PROGRAM menu above and drag down to CONFERENCE SCHEDULE, or go directly to

The available sessions are identified by the word Recording to the right of their titles.

End of update

 After the Conference, “Attend” Sessions You Missed with Our Audio & Slides Recording Service

You can’t get to every session, but you can hear practically all of them. No, you don’t need to bring clones to the conference, or use a time machine.

Fleetwood Onsite, the company used for audio recording and slide capture at IAJGS in Salt Lake City, will be joining us again this year in Seattle.

Fleetwood will produce an electronic video or audio file for each session. After the conference, they will provide all sessions on a flash drive, mailed directly to you, that you can play on your computer at home.

At recent conferences, only a few presenters declined to allow recording, so about 90% of the sessions are included in the package. Some speakers only allow audio, while others will have video of their slides synced to the audio recording.

Full price for all recorded sessions will be $199 at the Conference. But we are offering a discount – up to $50! – with online early registration, now through  April 30. Use the REGISTRATION menu at the top to sign up.


When you sign up…
$149 During early online registration (January 3 through April 30, 2016)
$169 During regular online registration (May 1 through July 24, 2016)
$199 On-site during the Conference (August 7-12, 2016)
$265 After August 15, 2016, on Fleetwood’s website
$199 Can’t attend the conference? Pre-order the full set on the registration site before July 24, 2016.