IAJGS 2016 Speaker Profile: Oleksiy Lipes

Oleksiy Lipes born at Sevastopol, Ukraine in 1984. From 2000 to 2007 he was active leader of Hillel FSU. From 2007-2012, he was a Yeshiva student in Ukraine and Israel.

From 2012 until the present time -he has been founder of www.jewua.info (Jewish Genealogy Research at Ukraine) company.

His main research interests are Jewish genealogy research in Ukrainian archives, focusing on creation of an overall Jewish Families database based on census records (1795-1900), metrical books (parish registers), and population censuses  (1875 and 1897). He has also been creating a database and translating records of Jewish pogroms (1917-1922) from archive fonds.

Oleksiy has language skills in Russian, Ukrainian, English, Hebrew, Yiddish, and Spanish.

Visit his website at http://jewua.info/

“Russian Empire Population Census 1897 as the Unique Jewish Genealogy Source” (Thurs-109), 3:00 – 4: 15 P.M.

The first Russian Empire Population Census  of 1897 was done in the whole territory of the former Russian Empire, but, unfortunately,  it was not entirely preserved. In general, it is in available for some communties just in some archives. The Kiev State Archive has a unique collection of the documents regarding the former Kiev Gubernia, including such cities like Berdichev, Chernobyl, Uman and many more that had mostly Jewish populations.

The presentation will include:

  • a short history overview;
  • the importance of this census as the connection to emigrant lists 1900-1925;
  • an overview of information included in the 1897 census;
  • nnique family history details in the census records; and
  • creation of the overall Russian Empire Population Census 1897 database.

Category: Beginning genealogists 

Topic: Ashkenazic research